Ambrov (âm'-brôv) "Dedicated to" (a Householding) might translate it sometimes, not always.  "Of" --"pledged to"  -- by itself the word doesn't mean much of anything. It's a connector, like a preposition -- another of those CONCEPT position-things that just doesn't translate from Simelan. (Source:  Jacqueline Lichtenberg e-mail March 6, 2013)

Pledged to (a householding) - member of a household, e.g. Aisha ambrov Rior


(Source:  Index card file.  Jacqueline Lichtenberg to Claire, November 25, 1975)  "pledged to" -- but carries much more emotional weight -- it's the WHOLE of the identity wrapped up in one word.  It's a lifestyle, a way of making a living, a nationality -- loyalty, a set of ethics and a religion.

(Source:  Index card file, labeled Simelan Dictionary)  Can be used as a sort-of noun:  "the ambrov Imil"

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