The point where a sime has used up all the selyn, the life energy, that the sime had taken from a Gen the month before. If not able to obtain selyn before they are depleted, the sime will die.

The state a sime reaches when near or at death from having consumed all the selyn (life energy) in his system.

From: House of Zeor, Ch 3  'A very slow death as the Sime body used irreplaceable reserves of selyn.'

(Source:  Index Card file, labeled SIME DICTIONARY) The complete and fatal exhaustion of selyn in a Sime's body, analagous to death by starvation in a Gen or Ancient.

(Source:  Index card file, Sime Surgeon -- an early draft of Unto Zeor, Forever)  The last stages of need before death.  Digen Farris suffers psycho-attrition, brought on by prolonged stimulation of his Need by Hayashi and Imrahan.

Characterized by pre-attritional metabolic shutdown and falling temperature, no (or reduced) salivation, hugh excesses of ronaplin being produced.

(Source:  Index card file, Unto Zeor, Forever) Eyes dilated in last stages.  Selyn shutdown: "cold, dead, black inside." body shut down, dropped all selyn use to basal level and below.  Muscles clenched against each other in spasms of shivering.  Internal balance disintegrated -- primary system didn't have strength (low in selyn) to control the harmonics bursting loose in the secondary system, and the vibration wracked Digen trautholo -- Imrahan (a/k/a  Im) pulled him into Tecton rhythm.