Gens charge in shooting rifles from horseback.  Simes charge the Gens under augmentation, running zig-zag and forming a crescent --- catch horses, then pull terrified Gens off and Kill them -- everyone is high intil.  Simes may also be on horseback with whips.  (Source:  Index card file, First Channel

When evaluating or creating battle tactics and personal combat fighting styles, it is important to distinguish between various types of Simes and their personal condition at the time of combat -- for example, the Freeband Raider Simes are all junct and usually attack Gens only when feeling High IntilLicensed Raiders are also junct, licensed by a junct Sime government to hunt Gens out-Territory, to cull the Gen towns carefully so the Sime Territory won't run out of Gens.

Both Freeband and Licensed Raiders are simply after Gens to Kill.  A Sime Territory army or Border Patrol would use more thought out tactics, and attempt to keep their Simes focused on the overall strategic goals of the government that is paying them. 

During the centuries of the Territorial Wars, Gens organized in armies, militias, and various profit-based endeavors, to protect Gen interests against Sime predators.

In addition, there were Gens, called Genrunners, who kidnapped children and sold them into Sime Territory usually for breeding in the Pens

Disjunct Simes and non-junct Simes would use different personal combat styles than juncts, having different objectives in any combat situation. 

In general, channels do not participate in combat except to manage the fields, and tend to the wounded. 

Also see Householding Dar.

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