(Source:  Index card file, labeled Unto Zeor, Forever)  "Border incident"  -- not really called one, but it seems to be a border-type problem.

Muryin Farris captured during this battle and brought to Rior settlement.  Implied that Rior went out to attack and destroy -- this was the last instance of this type of battle for Rior.

(Source:  Index card file. "History -- Leander Revolt" --- Sime Surgeon -- Unto Zeor, Forever, First Draft)  Fomented by Rior, concentrating on renSimes in Leander Territory, on theme "why should the channels be the only ones to live normal lives when you are entitled to Gen~Sime transfer just as much as they are?"  Tried to take Leander Territory from the Tecton the year that Muryin was with them, to set selves up as an alternate lifestyle to the Tecton.  Used propaganda and rallies.  RenSimes broke out of Leander Territory, pillaging, burning, stealing Gens, and Killing in transfer. Nearly every renSime was juncted.

Tecton collected an army, brought help from out-Territory, and ruthlessly put down the revolt --- massacred the juncts.  Battle of Leander army led by Hilo Farris.  Tecton paid for help from out-Territory by forefeiting a strip of land about 200 KM wide down the center of Leander, forming Eastfield and Westfield Territories.

Out-Territory, they've never forgotten how the Tecton lost control of renSimes during Distect propaganda -- Hilo Farris given credit for putting down revolt, rather than the Tecton. 

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