A barren world used only to house a navigation beacon, where Yone Farris's ship crashes. From: The Channel's Exemption.

(Source:  Index card file The Channel's Exemption  Planet where Yone, Valyu and 77 Gens and children crash landed in lifeboat after destruction of spaceship.  They crashed in the desert. 

44 GN's, 24 children, Livya and Mrs. Jeter, and 6 Distect convicts.  Forest with gigantic trees. Huge tree with pink sap and broad leaves.  Insects and cobwebs. "Foresaken" Beacon Planet.  Uncharted wilderness, headed toward an emergency call beacon.  Apparently, local animals, fish and roots are edible.

Flesh-eating "cat-like hunter" attacked a toddler.  "Dangerous night-prowlers" in the forest.

Cheryl mentions a possible "tribe of natives."

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