A  pre-adolescent in Gen Territory or Sime Territory who finishes the process of changeover and lacks a source of selyn.  The initial impact of First Need impels the new Sime to do anything for selyn.  A Berserker will Kill even a member of their own family. 

(Source:  Index card file:  House of Zeor )  Berserkers often hide out in places like old Ancient ruins, out-TerritoryZeor's gates are for protection from Berserkers.

(Source:  Index card file.  SIME DICTIONARY)  A sime crazed by First Need at changeover.

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever)  Sime gone mad with Need.  Nager spiralling down, face twisted in feral snarl, augmenting, eyes dilated (in last stage of Attrition.)

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