From: Mahogany Trinrose  

(content below written by Jacqueline Lichtenberg, April 11, 2013)

A Householding Procedure adopted later by the Tecton and extended into the Modern Tecton and later the Interstellar Tecton.

A process where a channel and Companion/Donor who are caught up in a dependency break or mitigate that dependency by setting up a sequence of transfers that lead to the pair in the dependency having transfer with different partners.

As Householdings developed a critical dependence on the Channeling Staff, some Householdings failed and had to merge with other Householdings simply because one member of a Channel-Companion team died or became incapacitated or unavailable.  That vulnerability, which could cost many lives in many tragic ways, caused the brutal remedy of the Breakstep to be devised so that, when and if necessary, channels and Companions could work with others. 

Householding Zeor specializes in and continues to expand, perfect and use the Breakstep because Farrises and all the higher order channels are particularly vulnerable to Dependency in a variety of forms, even though an entire Householding might not be dependent on a particular pair being available to work.   It is part of the discipline imposed on Farrises as part of their survival training, especially for female Farris channels where pregnancy might be a consideration. 

(Source:  Index card file, Attributed to Jean Lorrah, June 17, 1977)   In Zeor, considered a necessary and healthy part of the LOT (Lortuen-Orhuen-Torluen) relationships.  The height of self-dicipline, supreme agony at intervals, to prepare for the day one of the partners die -- then the remaining partner MIGHT survive.

Body pre-conditioned by "Zeor torture techniques" like Klyd practices at Imil.  Years of arduous preparation.  Usually Sime and/or Gen abort the attempted break transfer chronically and to death.  True locked dependency has to go deep into First Levels.

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