These words are capitalized:  Gen, Companion, Householding, House (when referring to a Householding, not an ordinary dwelling), Householder, Controller, Endowment (when referring to psi abilities), Qualify (when referring to a step in channel’s training), Unity, Disjunction Crisis, Berserker, Attrition.

“Channel” is not capitalized unless it opens a sentence.

“Sime” is not capitalized unless it opens a sentence.

The first letter of the word "renSime" is not capitalized unless it opens a sentence. 

It may seem odd that “Gen” and “Companion” are always capitalized, and not “sime” or “channel.”  However, it has a political meaning in the series.  Essentially, second-class citizens are distinguished this way.  The usage continues long after Gens achieve equality with simes.

The capitalization of  “kill” and “need” may  at first seem arbitrary.  However, there is a simple rule to it:  If either word is used as a noun or an adjective, it is capitalized.  Otherwise it’s not.  That is all there is to it, and the rule also applies to compound words like “Killbliss,” in which the first word is still acting as an adjective.

“Pen” is capitalized when it refers to a place where Gens are kept, but not when it refers to a pen for cattle or to a writing instrument.

Timing is very important to simes because of their monthly cycles, and they tend to measure time in units that refer to that cycle and events in it.  These time measurement terms are capitalized, for example First Year, First Kill, First Transfer, Last Kill, Turnover.  In Personal Recognizance each transfer in First Year marks a turning point in a channel’s training, so all are capitalized.  (Source:  NOTES TO COPYEDITOR / To Kiss or to Kill)

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