Many things can go wrong when a child enters changeover, ranging from under-developed tentacles, to running out of Selyn before breakout, and varied other physical and psychological problems.

Noreen's syndrome

(Source:  Index card file.  Sime Surgeon  Common syndrome among children raised out-Territory --- soaked up common fear of simes; when confronted with becoming sime, the subconscious overwhelmed the intellect and tried to fight off changeover.  Uses up selyn supply prematurely --- feels Need, which triggers breakout contractions while tentacles and nerve system are not yet ready --- which can only increase sensation of Need and waste selyn.  Can die of Attrition before breakout.

Prineridine gel slows this process down. 

(Source:  Index card file. Noreen's syndrome  --- Unto Zeor, Forever)   A changeover pathology, rather rare, but Lankh's machine seems to induce it.  (Didi Rill)

Renal shutdown, arrested stage five followed by a sudden onset of breakout, breakout contractions often premature, not enough fluid buildup to rupture (die of attrition.)

Nerve sheath lesions, membranes on openings too thick anyway.

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