Channel's Conditioning Transfers -- (Source:  Index card file - Jacqueline Lichtenberg to Jean Lorrah dated February 2, 1979)

First Transfer:  sets the standard of perfection, the ideal forever-after sought.  Whether Kill (only Kill or Kill-simulation from a channel will satisfy), Donor, or channel, the others will never quite do the trick.  Actually, it's the newness or firstness that people try to recapture - ignoring the fact that the form doesn't matter, and they can't recapture the "firstness."

Second Transfer:  Sets the limits of sensitivity.  In that pause during conditioning, sensitivity can be CUT OFF and SUPERSENSITIZED selectively, so that a recoil happens when that area is stimulated later.  That recoil is the abort reflex, used by the modern Tecton to "muzzle" their channels.  (this is the foundation of the Anti-Kill conditioning finalized at 4th Transfer)

Third Transfer:  Like the second, only less so.  You can imprint simple abort conditioning.

Fourth Transfer:  You get sexual awakening. "Sexual conditioning" to treat the channel so that most of the normal post-reaction garbage can be diffused via the sex act.  This is naturally there for every Sime, but it can be exaggerated and emphasized, utilized as a tool, by the Tecton methods.  The Assignee rather than the Donor does the job.

Space Age -------

These brutal methods of molding a channel's brain and nervous sytems, vriamic node, psychological attitudes and self-image form the foundation of the Tecton's ability to stop the Territory Wars and create a world-wide selyn collection and selyn distribution system using the small percentage of the population that are channels. 

During those critical years on Earth, this conditioning process was developed out of the processes the Householdings used, often wrongly attributed to Householdings as the source, and in the desperate effort to supply selyn to the burgeoning population, this conditioning process was often imposed without regard to the subject's objections. 

Concurrently, the World Tecton developed a policy of breeding channels to increase the percentage among the population who could do this work.

By the 4th Century of Unity, and the advent of space exploration, the breeding program was working well enough that the desperation abated, but the culture and traditions created persisted.  During the ensuing centuries, gradually channels began to have access to other career options.  Some Householdings maintained their original customs regarding the training of channels throughout history.  For some it was a point of pride to be regarded as an example of humanity's worst shame. 

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