Medical Term for various health issues channels face.  Among these ailments:  Coital Deprivation, entran, Imprintation.

(Source:  Index card file, THE CHANNEL'S EXEMPTION,  "severe multiple deprivation":  starts with a minor infection, kidney or bladder.  Fever and chills, then pneumonia.  Liver starts to give out, then downhill to a messy grave.  Yone was diagnosed with "acute multiple deprivation with an Imprintation complicating matters."

Yone's symptoms:  preoccupation inward so great that he doesn't notice the tree falling.  Seared and sorely scorched nerves from the tree when he forces down desire and then forces himself away from Livya's fear.  Lay gasping, soaked in sweat, shaking from head to toe with one spasdomic fit after another.  Close to an hour bathing in Brian's nager before Yone can think clearly about who is doing it.  In a state not of full consciousness -- this was, in Yone's opinion, enough to kill him without Brian's help.

Cheryl's treatment of Yone:  strips of cloth in hot water used as a hot compress, wrapped around forearms and twisted, from wrist to elbow.  From elbow to wrist is wrong.  -- Plus "a broth of powders and crushed tablets" -- meanwhile he's having seizures and spasms.  Spasms relented after almost an hour, then Cheryl massaged his arms from shoulder to wrists.  Cramps relaxed.  Apparently some sort of "warm up exercise" or preparation is best before psychokinesis.   

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