A Choice Kill is a Gen who is self-aware and able to fear being killed.

This can be:

a) a Gen born and Established, in-Territory to Sime parents

b) a Gen born and raised out-Territory, and captured as a Wild Gen or as a pre-Gen and taken to a Genfarm or into the Pen system.  Wild Gens may also be sold directly to the Choice Auctions. A Gen born of Sime parents in-Territory,  Established in-Territory, is considered a Choice Kill because the Gen is self-aware and has not grown up drugged as pre-Gens on Genfarms or in the Pen System do.  Before Unity, it is a crime to do anything with such Established young Gens other than surrender them to the Pen System, a Gendealer, or a Genfarm.

Wild Gens caught out-Territory, are self-aware, sensitive, and full of the will to fight.  Once overwhelmed by a Sime in Need, their terror is disproportionately satisfying to the junct in a way no Pen raised Gen could be.

(Index card file, labeled HOUSE OF ZEOR)  Provides egobliss for the sime.  "Quality is proportional to the degree of defiance the victim can muster."  Thrill in frighterning a fighter.  Gens sold at Choice Auction for Choice Kill.  Hugh thinks parents would consider their kids a Choice Kill.  Emotional effect on the sime of turning the Gen's defiance to fear makes sime's children and Out-Territory Gens a Choice Kill.

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