Clothing varies by the time period and the larity of the person wearing the clothing. NOTE: no primarily Sime culture can have anything approaching what Ancients consider a "modesty code."  Simes can zlin right through clothing.  Sime cultures use clothing for weather protection, work protection, or decoration.  Simes prefer Gens to be well dressed according to the temperature because a Sime will shiver from a Gen's being chilled or swelter from a Gen being over-heated. 

(Source:  Index card file, First Channel)  Gen, and Fort Freedom women's dress:  dress with a high bodice, and skirts to the ground.  Out-Territory dress includes sleeves to the wrist, perhaps due to an extreme Church of the Purity or Gen modesty code.  Kadi wears a jumpsuit with ties at the sholders, and a belt.

(Source:  Index card file, HOUSE OF ZEORKlyd wears a riding cloak, Zeor blue coveralls with Z crest stitched over the breast pocket.  Slick, slippery material.  Zeor materials are synthetics. Boots are worn by Klyd at home.  Simes are known for wearing loose sleeves or short sleeved garments.

Gen dressed for the Kill wears only knee-length white tunic (Yawal).  For traveling they wear a collar, chain and three green tags.  Breeding stock Gens wear a green tunic.  Collars and midriff, loin collars may be barbed.

Imil's spring line:  Colorful unconfining garments for Simes.  Elite ready-to-wear, for all occasions.  The "Martesa" is a design of loose robes.

People wear some kind of bedclothes:  Hugh "dressed for bed," then pulls on a night robe.

Quilted jacket of Zeor livery seems to have long sleeves, lightweight but provides protection against the cold. 

Hugh wears an undershirt, trousers, quilted jacket and riding cloak, socks, shirt, boots.  Heshri wears plain riding breeches and a short, unadorned jacket. Evahnee wears a smock.

Mannequins in Nashmar's office wear a flowing evening gown, an "iridescent shirt."  Wedding dresses are also mentioned.  A Gen at Iburan:  "scintillating green and white with what looked like emeralds around her throat."

(Source:  Index card, UNTO ZEOR, FOREVER)  Coverall uniforms at the Sime Center for males, uniforms with long zippers and underlinings for male and female.  Hospital whites, shoes and a watch are also mentioned.

Rior:  work coverall with shoulder straps over a rough shirt.

(Comment by Jacqueline Lichtenberg  22/March/13)  'Simes hate it when/if Gens wear a mechanical watch, at wrist or anywhere.  Most Simes can zlin the difference between the mechanical "tick" of a watch-movement and the actual passage of time.  Digital, electronic displays aren't as annoying.'   by Jacqueline Lichtenberg.

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