A condition affecting the High Order channels when they have not been able to have sex for a period of time. It is connected to the Transfer Conditioning that the modern Tecton channels receive that relies on the sex act to relieve the worst of what would be a negative postsyndrome reaction in any other sime. (Channel's Exemption)

(Source:  Index card file, labeled Channel's Exemption)  "the CDs" --- a symptom seems to be a strong interest in women. "Eats away" at a channel's "efficiency."  Would cause Yone's cramps to start up again if he tried to charge a bettery.  Cheryl offers to have him work off the CDs with her -- there is apparently a difference in Tecton and Distect style ("I promise we'll do this Tecton style.  No Distect tricks.")  Yone is suffering from CDs and Imprintation, both.

(Story -- The Channel's Exemption can be found here on the domain

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