From: House of Zeor, Ch 11. '...Klyd had calculated would bring their combined field resultant into an inconspicuous level with that of the Runzi...' Channels learn to "manage the fields" as one of their first lessons.  This is a process of using the dual selyn system of the channel to create an illusion using the ambient nager available in the area.  Any number of illusions can be created by manipulating the ambient, from causing a Sime to seem unzlinnable to creating conspicuous flares.  The ambient nager of a room full of people can be used by channels to create emotional tones, irritating or soothing all the Simes.  renSimes can not achieve this effect, but they do notice it. 

See First Channel for early field management lessons.

See Unto Zeor, Forever for what can be done to an ambient using a tool such as a shiltpron (a musical instrument).

See The Farris Channel for early skills in field management among crowded gatherings.

See RenSime for very large out-door gathering managed by channels.

(Source:  Index card file.  House of Zeor)  Klyd says, "Together, we form a conspicuous deformity in the selyn field."  Hugh keeps the position Klyd had "calculated would bring their Combined Field Resultant into an inconspicuous level with that of the Runzi."

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