The main duty of the Companions is to provide transfer to their channels and to support them as they look after the people in their care.

The Companion is the physician to the channel. 

(Source:  Index card file.  "Companions abilities" -- Notes on Sergi -- May 10, 1977)  Gen might recognize Need from outward symptoms, and body might be responding to it, but probably wouldn't know what his responses meant until he Qualified.

Only Four-Plus feel their body responses consciously.  Normal human empathy might make Gen think he "feels" the channel's need.  Donor would prefer a higher need and could feel a difference in transfer, but couldn't verbalize it --- just "happier."  All good Companions have high empathy (intuition) and seem to have (and may have) telepathy -- but only as sensitive ancients, as Jacqueline and Jean.

May 19, 1977 --- No GN class donor --- not GN-3, GN-2 or GN-1 --- can survive any non-channel transfer.  The FACT that you can survive a renSime's Killmode attack is the Qualifying TN-3.  All Distect Gens are at least TN-3 and most in-Territory Gens are TN-3 within a year or two of establishment.  TN-3's's are the normal run of humanity --- only psychology, culture and FEAR keep out-Territory Gens from Qualifying.

TN Qualities:  Totally self-possessed, sensitive, generous, self-confident, fearless.  Can be trusted, won't take advantage of a man when he's a donor.

A person who would use a weakness against someone is a person whose whole psychology is based on fear --- would be a prime victim, a GN forever.  

June 3, 1977 --- First three transfers crucial in setting the limits of a Donor's development.

(Source:  Index card file --- CARD MARKED "COMPANION FUNCTIONS" -- from FIRST CHANNEL)  Actually the powers of Gens discovered by Kadi. (1)  can FORCE selyn – actually GIVE selyn to sime. (2)  can calm a sime in Need (3)  makes a renSime laugh.  Kadi’s amusement goes from forced (to make the renSime laugh) to REAL – whole world seems funny. (4)  can change a sime’s level of “consciousness” from hypoconscious to hyperconscious to duoconscious (when Rimon is stuck hypoconscious after transfer). (5) Supports Rimon in healing a sime. When Rimon and Kadi are together, no one can tell where Rimon is in his Need cycle. (6) Kadi becomes transparent, visible to sime senses only as a brightness.  When Jord is zlinning her, Rimon doesn’t like it.

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