Related pages are:  Qualification Transfer and Qualify.   Householding practices differ on transfer protocols and procedures, but the Sectuib is always the final authority within a Householding.  See Companion.

The Householdings differ from the Tecton about transfer protocols and practices, especially with regard to who has the authority to make decisions.  In the Tecton the decisions are made by the local controller, the city or regional controller, and ultimately the World Controller.  There are of course panels, committees, and appeals, as the Tecton is an ever-growing bureaucracy. 

The main difference between a Sectuib and a Controller is that the office of Sectuib is held only by "the best channel" in the organization who best exemplifies specific moral and ethical virtues, while the office of Controller is, by the year 132 Unity, held by "the most adroit politician who happens to be a channel."  Over the following centuries and into the Interstellar Tecton, channeling skill rises and falls in the heirarchy of qualifications for the office of Controller.

The Tecton generally believes that the Channel should control the transfer, except under special circumstances where a Donor, who has qualified as a Therapist has been assigned to treat the channel for a disorder.  Such a Therapist may have the authority to control the transfer.

The Distect believes that in any transfer the Gen should be in control of transfer as it is cruel to expect that a Sime in the throws of Need should have to control themselves. The Distect does not use the services of channels to move selyn from Gen to renSime.  All Simes take direct transfer from Gens who are responsible for controlling the transfer.   

(Source:  Index card file, UNTO ZEOR, FOREVER)  Qualification of a Donor requires that the channel control the transfer completely.  Im'ran considers that HE should control the transfer (so Digen doesn't have to concentrate on CONTROL, but can let go.  Doesn't have the ANXIETY of wondering about being confined.  A channel in control (Digen, anyway) can mitigate a resultant dependency.

Tecton:  Kind of transfer where the Gen dominated the selyn flow, permitted only in therapy.  Considered very dangerous -- too easy for a channel to fall into the habit of trusting Gens to protect themselves.  When Im "yields control"  -- his barriers go totally flat. Raised barriers control speed of selyn flow.

Im'ran, "seeing", "precisely" matching his resistance to the exact rate at which Digen wanted to draw.  Near-perfect resonance Neither man knew nor cared who was controlling.  Then, Digen realized he must stop, and did, (one percent) short of repletion.

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