Appears in: Unto Zeor, Forever

Sime - channel - Male

First name, Dee. Also referred to as Mickland

The Channel elected by the city and district of Westfield to be responsible for the smooth functioning of the Tecton's selyn delivery system within the city of Westfield so that no Sime should ever be tempted to Kill a Gen for selyn. Mickland is anti-householder and typical of the bureaucrat mentality that is taking over the Tecton by 132 Unity.


(Source : Unto Zeor, Forever, Ch 2) 'With his eyes Digen saw Controller Mickland, a channel of medium height, standing behind his desk. He was broad-shouldered enough to look shorter than he really was, and though, like all Simes, he scarcely carried eight per cent body fat, his large-boned frame gave him an imposing, Gen look.'

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