(Source:  Index card file, labeled HOUSE OF ZEOR)  The Crest Ring is worn (at least by men) on the little finger of the right hand.  Only members who have returned formal, lifetime pledges, Gens who have donated through the channels, or disjunct Simes wear these rings. 

(Source:  Index card file, labeled UNTO ZEOR, FOREVER)  Imrahan's ring has both the Seal of Imil and the Tecton Donor's identification.  Digen's ring has the Seal of Zeor and the Tecton Seal.

(Source:  Index card file.  The Channel's Exemption --- Order Donor's ring has an additional four stars, the very highest ranking of all the professional donors.

Fan interpretation of Zeor Crest Ring. From: Ambrov Zeor Fanzine Issue 14.

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