Pre-unity, simes carried two main forms of weapon, a whip, and sometimes a dagger. It was Slina's dagger design on Del Rimon's baby quilt that had a major influence on Del Rimon and on the Householding he founds, Zeor. The dagger becomes the symbol of Zeor.

From: The Farris Channel, Ch 17. 'Rimon knew that dream. He had dreamed it thousands of times before he’d changed over. It always began with the beautifully colored, glowing, shining image Slina had woven into his baby quilt. He had learned to walk clutching that quilt. He had slept with it so stubbornly that eventually they had stitched the little quilt into the center of a larger one that he could sleep under until he was full grown.

That beautiful image, the sweeping, graceful abstract outline of Slina’s dagger, became his heart in later dreams, his vriamic node where his two selyn systems joined to make him the powerful channel he was. Crazy dream.'