Appears in: The Farris Channel

Sime - Channel - Male

Also known as "Delri" and as "Rimon"  -- not to be confused with Rimon Farris of the novel First Channel

History does blend the two figures Rimon and Del Rimon into "the founder of the House of Zeor" but they were different people living at different times, though unknown to themselves, they were the same soul.  That Soul reincarnates many times throughout history (notably as Klyd Farris, Digen Ryan Farris and Xigram Klairon Farris)  trying to fix the mess he made as the first Rimon Farris of Fort Freedom, but the mess just keeps getting worse throughout centuries.   

Del Rimon Farris was born in -516  Before Unity (During novel, COMPANIONS - not yet ready for publication)

Changed over in -505 (age 11)

Founds Zeor in -468 (37 years past Changeover.)

Delri has 2 girl children by Ehren, Lexy and Aipensha who are channels, and a boy by Clire, born posthumously, Syrus Tuzhel Zeth Farris.  Lexy succeeds Delri and raises Syrus Tuzhel Zeth. 

Delri is 48 at beginning of The Farris Channel, and considered an old man at that age. 

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