Appears in: House of Zeor

Gen Companion - Male.

Trained Companion.

Charnye considered Denrau the best Companion in Zeor, next to him, when telling Klyd he should not keep Denrau waiting. Klyd was in Need and not wanting to leave Hugh's clinic bed.

Denrau served as Klyd's personal Donor and official Companion. He looked after Grandfather when the old channel suffered Entran complications that were due to the channel's inability to function as a channel.

Klyd assigned Denrau to be Grandfather's Companion for the month when Klyd took Hugh with him to Iburan, and the choice auction.

When Klyd and Hugh were trying to escape the closing Runzi Raiders to get back to Zeor, it was Denrau that occupied his thoughts as Klyd got closer to Need, so far from home.

(Source:  Index card file.  House Of Zeor)  Klyd's personal donor and official Companion.  Assists Klyd with Rual's changeover problems --- positions and closes up the field first aid kit --- seems to help with measurements.  Speaks nearly flawless English.  May come from mixed Sime~Gen parentage.  Exceptional Companion.  Will train Zinter.

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