Pronounced 'dee-ett'. An organisation of Gens who resort to terrorist acts to prove that simes cannot be trusted with not harming Gens by orchestrating the incident that leads to Laneff's Kill (Source: renSime)

This is an archaic usage of the term "Diet" as in "The Diet of Worms 1521 (German: Reichstag zu Worms)" -- such archaisms surface both in the version of "English" called Genlan and in Simelan in a wholly random way.  Linguists of the Sime~Gen world might theorize from these odd linguistic intrusions that there existed such organizations as the Schools that preserved Ancient knowledge, and that such Schools did occasionally interact with the chaotic junct society, leaving nothing but an occasional term here and there.  Others would argue that these odd terminologies indicate only that language persists.  Proof on either side of this argument is lacking until the Schools are revealed.

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