A transfer that is directly from Gen to reSime,  as per the Distect, or from Companion/Donor to channel.

Most Gens cannot give direct transfer to renSimes because the renSime cannot control their draw speed and the Gen may not be able to deliver selyn fast enough.  If the Gen's delivery is too slow, the risk of Killing the Gen is high.

In an emergency a Companion/Donor could give direct transfer to a renSime, however the Companion would not feel satisfied by the transfer and the renSime risks craving Gen transfer in the future.  The Companion or Donor might not have enough selyn to serve a channel at the appointed time. 

The Tecton believes that only the channels and their Companions/Donors can prevent the Kill, while the Distect believes that the Gen should be in control and be able to give direct transfer to any renSime.  The Tecton prevails into the Space Age.