A situation where there are not enough Donors to serve the Need of the channels.

Mostly affects the High Order Donors.

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, ForeverHayashi trying to solve it using his biofeedback machines --- teach Im'ran to work around scar, Ilyana the “high bounce deproda” feels if he could gather data in the far ends of the curves (Ilyana and Digen) he could solve it.

More channels are being stretched to higher levels than they can get Donors for.  “Overdeveloped channels whose bodies demanded more than humanity could supply.”

Higher Order Firsts being shorted (speed and capacity) most of the time.

There wasn’t a Second Order Donor shortage.

Press saying how close to disaster Tecton was --- Hayashi’s experiments became rallying point, focus of media attention, funding and volunteers.

Situation is critical six months after Digen left --- incidences of suicide abort is way up:  First think Digen is their only hope – consider he went junct because he was unendurably shorted so long – they, Zeor, and all Householdings businesses went on strike until condemnation against him was lifted.