From "Sime Surgeon"

A town in the Gen half of what had once been Leander Field. Gens were donating selyn there in preference to Westfield Hospital.

(Source:  Index card file.  HISTORY OF WESTFIELD -- Sime Surgeon -- early draft)  After the Leander Revolt, 200 kilometer wide corrridor down center of Territory given to Gens.  All evidence of sime occupation and construction removed.  The two Territories became Eastfield and Westfield.

Several Sime~Gen interfaces had developed in this corridor:  "tremendously fertile advances in science, technology, and the arts."

Border City Westfield:  Southernmost edge of the corridor, port-of-entry, two universities, huge manufacturing complex --- lots of research and development.  thriving arts center.

Need for an access road across the corridor to link the border cities.

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