Simes and Gens treat education differently

(Source:  Index card file.  Information attributed to Jacqueline Lichtenberg, March 3, 1977) 

In-Territory ---- Rimon's day:  All formal schooling would be put off until First Year --- sum total of known knowledge could then be imparted.

Digen's day:  Pre-schooling would only give you enough to know what you wanted to specialize in --- Gens wind up with less formal schooling, tend to go into the arts, and simes into sciences.  Trying to give all kids what they can absorb, but meet a lot of parental resistance --- self image means being sime, so why waste kids' time.  So kids have no schooling (or reading and writing in some classes) until changeover or establishment, when they get on-the-job training.  Revival of apprentice system, beginning with establishment or Second Year.  With information explosion, education would begin increasingly earlier.   

March 11, 1977 --- Parents will also want to get as much work out of the kid as possible to make up for investment in time and food (frontier society).  Parents educate kids in skills of survival.  Apprentice system would rise at same time as the crafts.

(Source:  Index card file.  House of ZeorHouseholding/sime --- Hugh finds a 5th grade history text --- meaning sime schools are organized into grades.  View of history is different to the Sime / Gen / Householder.

Zeor's school garden with greenhouses, practical science classes, apparently organized by age, with own teacher.

All children equally trained in techniques of surviving changeover

Gifts for Grandfather from "a class in Zeor history."

Imil has school auditorium, school band, choral group.  Zeor seems to have a kindergarten.

Gen:   Hugh learned history in school

In-Territory: Instructions in the Shrine of the Starred Cross require escaping Gens to be able to read and write.  Some Raiders can read and write.

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