A channel's function to re-stabilize the Selyn Transport Systems after suffering entran or to prevent entran.

By engaging the channel's Secondary Selyn System by using a Companion/Donor as resistance the channel is able move Selyn from their Secondary System to their Primary System where they can access it for use. When Entran is a problem this movement can help exercise the channel's systems. No Selyn is taken from the Gen during the functional.

One of the Zeor disciplines is to push the Farris channels to the edge of entran and measure exactly where that edge is.  The reason for this discipline is to chart the exact limit of a channel's ability, to know what happens at and beyond that limit, and fully absorb the lesson so that the channel is always able to judge what they can do -- and what they can't.  When a Farris trained in Zeor warns he/she is hitting one of these limits, they must be taken very seriously. 

Another reason for pushing such high order channels to the entran limit is to push that limit farther and farther.  The more practice at facing entran, the longer a channel can go without functioning and not collapse.  On occasion, the ability to cease functioning for a time can save the channel's life. 

(Source:  Index card file.  House of Zeor)  Simple:  Channel holding Gen wrists in a "peculiar hold," all 4 laterals in contact.  Head laid on Gen's shoulder with face averted, all weight leaning on Gen.  Takes only an instant or so.  Gen feels nothing, but can unknowingly induce something, do something to a channel --- this is an indication of Hugh's possible sub-mutation (as a Natural Donor) --- perhaps because he wants to do something!

A blast of hate from the Gen can throw the channel into the hospital. 

Hugh performs this with Klyd in Imil.  Loyce tells him that he couldn't have done as well without a transfer -- presumably into secondary system.

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever)  Channel uses Gen as an entran outfunction shunting field.

Use Gen's selyn field to push against to regain control of internal flows --- provide internal traction. Using the Gen's field to shunt internal currents around trouble spots.

Gen need only care --- shouldn't feel any selyn movement.

Need a full contact with a weak-field Gen like Joel.

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