From Jean Lorrah e-mail June 5, 2013: Escort Service is not a business in the Sime~Gen world. It is a function Companions and later Donors perform, escorting a channel through junct territory, or later a retainered sime through Gen Territory, keeping that person safe and as comfortable as possible. In Ambrov Keon, Sergi was performing Escort Service when he and the channel he was escorting were caught in the hurricane and the channel died from having his laterals sliced by flying glass.

From Jacqueline Lichtenberg e-mail June 5, 2013: ESCORT SERVICE, a Tecton government function, escorts non-donor (small d) Gens into Sime Territory to conduct business as necessary (this costs the Gen usually a lot of money unless they donate selyn which is worth money). Of course, if there's a court case the Gen must appear at, the Tecton would pay the Escorts.

Such Escorts are usually TN-3 and QN-3 pairs,(Donor and channel) -- but if the Gen's nager in particularly provocative, higher orders might be used. THAT is expensive. But there's a rotating duty roster and you can't get out of it (like Jury Duty).

(Source:  Index card file. Unto Zoer, Forever --- Third Draft)  All they do is arrange for out-Territory families to visit their in-Territory kids, without charge.  Zeor's contribution nearly 1/10 of their total budget. The service isn't used much, as families tend to drift apart. Will Tecton allow out-Territory renSimes to go back out-Territory to visit?  Joel thinks not --- "too unreliable around non-Donors.

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