Year 0 of the Unity Calendar

Depicted in Zelerod's Doom

Sime~Gen yearly celebration of the war where Simes and Wild Gens came together to fend off and to eliminate last great group of Freeband Raiders. The wild Gens donated their selyn to the channels so they could provide transfer to the junct simes so they would not be tempted to Kill their new Gen allies.

First Contract signed: Tecton undertakes to see that Simes never feel Need. RenSimes denied direct Gen transfer. Simes allowed in Gen Territory, but with retainers confining their tentacles.

(Source:  Index Card file.  UNTO ZEOR, FOREVER)  Holiday both in-Territory and out-Territory, commemorating the first true act of trust between sime and Gen.  Klyd had led combined in-and-out-Territory Sime and Gen armies against last and biggest group of sime Raiders.  Laid winter seige to the town they occupied, but by spring thaw they were just about beaten.  Klyd gave all the food to the Gens, in an act of faith that the Gens would support them with selyn donations.  They did, and won.

Simes give gifts to Gens, and prior to 300 Unity, lots of once-a-year GN donationsHouseholdings in formal conclave, family gatherings. Keynote of "Brotherhood."  Celebration held in the spring on Earth.  After 300 Unity, almost all Gens donate monthly. 

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