A Donor whose nager has a peculiar property sometimes described as akin to the musician's perfect pitch. Imrahan is a fanir whose nager is quantized in the discreet energy levels which the Tecton has adopted as a reference standard. A fanir affects every Sime near him by drawing that Sime's selyn consumption rate into the fanir's own selyn production rate. Even when the mathematics of the quantization of rates and pitches had not been fully worked out by the Tecton's theoreticists, most channels are empiricist enough to use even that which they don't fully understand if it works.

(Source:  Index card file.  UNTO ZEOR,FOREVER)  "A donor whose nager has a peculiar property sometimes described as akin to the musician's perfect pitch.  Fanir's nager not ideal for treating shaking plague.  Being a fanir is a mixed blessing:  lacked the flexibility necessary for certain transfer functions.

(Source:  Index card file.  UNTO ZEOR,FOREVER -- Third Draft)  Steady field. Can "sink into" Sime, bringing back all the precision balances of currents -- sometimes just lets the field do all the work, at other times touches or massages tense/cramped muscles.  Can supervise a channel's sleep to avoid Need associated nightmares.  Fanir can bring channel into "one of the precisely quantized, Tecton standard rhythms."  Have "the selyn field equivalent of perfect pitch."  You could "calibrate instruments by a fanir's selyn field," but a fanir lacks the flexibility for certain transfer functions.

Fanir is the opposite talent from a "drifter."  A fanir wouldn't do in a situation like Dane Rizdel functional which calls for flexibility as Digen tried to hold on the commitment point and battle the abort reflex.

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