Appears in:  First Channel

The Farris Genfarm was owned by Syrus Farris, father of Rimon Farris.  Original home of Rimon and Kadi, and their families.

(Source:  Index card file.  First Channel)

(Conditions)  Largest supplier of choice Gens in the Territory.  Purchased best captured Wild Gens and raised their own from finest breeding stock.  A luxury product for the Choice Auctions, exclusive bazaars, and a few wealthy individuals who came and picked out their year's supply of Gens to Kill.

Syrus:  "It doesn't cost any more to raise a spunky Gen than to raise a broken Gen."  --- healthy and spirited.

Farris mark:  Diagonal notch filed in left front tooth.

Farris colors:  Black and White

Children of Gens never mistreated -- worked in fields at lighter jobs --- could live normal lives if they changed over -- some of best overseers were Simes from their own Pens.

Wild Gens from out-TerritoryDomestic Gens:  Those raised in-Territory as children of two Simes, raised to expect to become Sime, are called Domestic Gens.  Gens used as field hands on the Farris Genfarm were safe from the Kill during harvest time.

Other Genfarms had different rules, but on the Farris Genfarm: No one takes a Gen he knows.   Some out-Territory Gens (Wild Gen Captives) are in field work crews.  Simes on the Farris Genfarm ate two meals a day.  No shiltprons allowed.  Workers get choice of available Gens every 6 months.   

(Components)  Wild Gen compound, "hillside acreage" under cultivation, infirmary where changeover victims were sent, holding Pen, irrigation ditch and line, reservoir, the big house where Syrus, Rimon and the Morcot family members lived.

Seems to be located in a town, but the name of the town isn't given..

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