Final donation of remaining selyn from a Gen after death. This is done only at the request of the Gen in question. It is the same as the Ancients donating organs upon death. Companions and Donors know that their last donation will go to helping a Sime live for another month without having to Kill. The Final Donation is always taken by a channel.

(Source:  index card file, UNTO ZEOR, FOREVER)  The Final Donation Society (Society of the Final Donation) Members wear small silver medallions.  Channels could collect selyn from these Gens when they died.  Hospital volunteers circulated petitions to set up a Final Donation Room, but the local paper called them ghouls and the hospital board made them quit.  Joel Hogan joins up.  Im also wears a medallion --- wouldn't want his cells cut up (surgery), so that not a cell would be missing from his Final Donation. 

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