Some specific foods are believed to have appeared at the time as the Sime~Gen mutation, though this may not be true.  Some foods are fatal to Simes, and others to Gens.  This list and information provided is by no means complete, and compiled from several of the Sime~Gen novels. Simes tend to be vegetarians because the metabolic changes at changeover atrophy the ability to digest animal protein, and Sime metabolism does not use calories for energy.

(Source:  Index card file, HOUSE OF ZEOR)  --- Commentary:  Most Sime farmers wouldn't sell Houses (Householdings) grain or produce, so much of House's effort went into farming, which limits the number of Gens they can take in and feed.  Sime body operates on selyn, not calories.  Simes eat only to replace body-building materials.

Strawberries and certain mushrooms poisonous to Simes but not to Gens.  Simes can eat other mushrooms that are poisonous to Gens. 

A few vegetables contain elements necessary for Simes, which are poisonous to Gens.  Growing these apparently has helped increase Sime life expectancy.  These mutated plants are reputed to have appeared at about the same time as the Sime came into being, but that can not be proved.

Approaching Need destroys Sime appetite.  Klyd would be absolutely revolted at the idea of eating "animal tissue."  

Im'ran (Unto Zeor, Forever) had an "old family recipe" to balance electrolytes before transfer to help prevent primary abort:  half trin tea, half citrus juice (orange, lemon, grapefruit, pilah.)

Grapes and berries (cultivated)

Trin tea is from the Trin plant which actually is a new plant that appeared at the time of the Sime Gen Mutation.

A roll of black bread, cake-like, moist, with flakes of nutmeats and chunks of fruit

Rich, syrupy liquid that satisfied hunger without being filling

steaming soup

potatoes (savory)

fresh salad

fruit-nut bread -- deep fried and swimming in a heavy sauce

rice concoction (savory) -- "tasted like creamed peas in orange sauce but with something crunchy, like apples and tangy like cloves but salty-sweet."

(wild) tubers

broth (powdered)




edible roots and berries

bowls of hot cereal

grains to cook in pots (porridge)

honey served in crocks

plum cakes --- a party or wedding food treat

sweet buns

saltfish -- for Gens

various nuts and berries

candy bar (meltable)

bottled fruit nectar

Resa Crackers - A Sime food favored in Rior. (From: Sime Surgeon

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever -- Third Draft)  Biting into a LEMON while in Need sometimes helped to reduce glandular swelling.