The highest rating for a channel and one that include Endowment, psi abilities.  For a Donor, their capacity can grow.  4+ Donors experience Postsyndrome (post transfer syndrome.)

(Source:  Index card file.  UNTO ZEOR, FOREVERDigen knows of three four-plus Gens, none of whom have an uncontrollable overproduction problem like Ilyana.   Four-plus Gens actually sense selyn fields, though not like a Sime.  Not working blind in transfer -- they participate.

Bett Farris is a 4+

Im's qualificationDigen draws FAST across barriers -- flash of pain, to which Imran responds by flattening barriers -- fighting Digen's abort reflex, half triggered, to limit of endurance while Digen all the while is drawing -- comes suddenly as a veil ripped aside.

Im can precisely match his resistance to the exact rate at which Digen wants to draw.  Keeps in near perfect resonance, amplifying and feeding back the entire experience beat after beat, until the moment Digen felt as if his body were creating selyn and Im felt as if his own need had been relieved at long last.   Im, with narrowed attention, can READ that Digen has entran problem.  Digen asks him to READ the ambient

Channels who are four-plus seem to find a new level of selyn nerve or storage opened.

The less resistance a Donor offers, the less risk  he takes.

Donor is physician to channel,  "applying knowledge to sustain life while maintaining a rigid, clinical detachment, yet at the same time using emotional resonance as a healing agent."  Responsibility and decisions same for Donors as for a doctor.  Closeness between channel and Donor dangerous, yet a great temptation.  Like doctor/patient relationship.

Digen to Dane after Jesse's suicide:   "We don't hurt our Gens --- not ever.  That's our most sacred vow... an absolute every Gen in all creation can trust."

When Im's base and rhythm slightly off true, food tastes wrong, he has trouble focusing his eyes, his reading of the anbient is way off ("it won't stand still.")  Supposedly his body will adjust to the new referent.  Can compensate for not quite matching Tecton standard.

(Source:  Index card file, marked DONORS -- Four-Plus --- Unto Zeor Forever, Third Draft)  Gens can sense selyn fields, only not like a sime.  Bett is the only one Digen knows who can do it reliably.  Can suffer underdraw, although it doesn't always happen and can be controlled. 

Masochism:  A trait one couldn't afford in a Donor.  "The Donor is a physician to the channel, applying knowledge to sustain life will maintain a rigid emotional distance.  Emotional closeness between Donor and channel is even more dangerous than between doctor and patient, dangerous in ways I couldn't begin to explain to you --- and illegal, too."  (Digen to Joel Hogan)  A very great temptation.. 

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