The Householding that has made archeology their business, and thus resurrected much Ancient Technology. (From Zelerod's Doom)

(Source:  Index card file, HOUSE OF ZEOR)  Establishing a daughter Householding -- One of the top Companions, who would be Companion to the new Head, was visiting Imil on a recruiting tour.  Frihill specializes in archeological research and makes a nice profit frim it -- Simes do a lot of reconstruction.  Frihill rediscovered/reinvented photography (at same time as other researchers.)

(Source:  Index card file, SIME SURGEON  In their digs had recovered photography, electronics, and much of organic chemistry on which Ormand made its fortune. Latest publicized project is an attempt to find out what Ancients were really like.  Frihill is doing excavation on site of the Battle of Leander Field.

(Source:  Housholding Registry on the domain   

Colors: Purple and white

Virtue: Truth --- Motto: If it's there, we'll find it ----  Business: Primarily archeology however we specialize in finding Ancient technology and adapting it for selyn energy usage.

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