Given to any systems function that a channel uses in his or her capacity as a healer and channeler of selyn. Eg; Entran outfunction.

Collecting selyn from a Gen is a functional, but technically it is a process composed of several functional modes of the channel's dual nervous system connected by a nerve plexus called the vriamic node.  Only channels have a secondary selyn system and only channels have a vriamic node.

Dispensing selyn to a renSime is a functional technically composed of several other functionals. 

All functionals depend on the channel learning (usually in First Year) control of the vriamic node. 

The vriamic node control is what allows a channel (and only a channel) to vary selyn transfer speed.

(Source:  Index card file.  First Channel --- Rimon Farris)

(1)  Way he drew selyn from his cousin, Zeth.

(2)  Old scouting trick --- damping his fields.

(3)  Ability to abort off Kadi the first time.

(4)  "Calming" Del when Del was coming into Need, same way Kadi did.

(5)  Control rate of draw in transfer on his second transfer, when Kadi was too slow and felt pain.

(6)  Zlinning cell deep/healing mode for Gens.  Pretending to be deep in Need when Kadi has fluid in lungs after the fire and the Wild Gen raid.

(7)  Healing for simes --- using his field as a block to stop selyn and blood loss.

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever --- Third Draft)  Interruption of certain functionals could be fatal to one or both parties.  Functionals are divided into classes ---- (A-prime) --- A --- B --- minor functionals.  A channel can't do an A-prime functional in Killmode.

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever)

(1)  Digen uses his own system "engaging the edges of her field" as a governor for Ilyana when her production wildcats.  According to Mickland, only Digen could have thought of it.

Rated class A, B, and minors.  Also reference to A-prime functionals. Very exhausting.

(2)  Playing the shiltpron --- pouring energy into the ambient nager, until channel commands inner flows of all simes in the room --- pouring out his joy and glory.  Digen says in a way what channels are for then later feels true remorse for what he did to them without their consent (against everything he believes about dignity of individuals.)

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