The Governing body of Gen Territory

From: Unto Zeor, Forever, Ch 2. 'Then, Klyd Farris, Sectuib in Zeor, had engineered a coup in which the Tecton had taken over the Sime government and signed a treaty with the Gen government, accepting for the channels the responsibility of preventing renSimes from Killing in transfer. Klyd Farris thus founded the modern Tecton....'

From: Zelerod's Doom, Ch 4. 'They had sent Harris Emstead and his men home from Gulf Territory loaded down with presents and with a written invitation to the Gen government to consider a trade agreement....'

(Source:  Index card fileHouse of ZeorFederal Police:  Seems to operate out of New Washington --- term "federal" indicates some sort of state/province set up.

Have a lot to do with simes.

Uses "undercover field operatives."

Have a system of retirement pension --- shows a certain amount of social welfare and labor attitudes.

Treasury uses paper currency --- central system similar to what we use now.  Use of economic terms like "market" and "economy."

Both the ARMY and the GEN GUARD (border guards) have high pay and early retirement.

"Sime-loving" or sympathizing is a convictable offense, sedition. (Sime-lover is a derogitory term and Hugh believed it was said about him behind his back.)

Apparently, parents must "destroy" children who turn sime.  If they don't they can be executed.

Federal Police give a "full retirement pension," enough to live on, with land --- some sort of social welfare system. 

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