A tax paid to the government in Sime Territories, pre-Unity,  that assures the law-abiding, tax-paying Sime of one Gen a month for the Kill. Even though the Simes in Householdings do not Kill, they are still expected to pay this tax on every Gen that lives under their roof.  On occasion, politics leads junct governments to declare a Householding to be a Genfarm breeding Gens (since the resident Gens often have children) and thus subject to a higher tax. 

(Source:  First Channel --- Chapter 8)    Rimon agreed to work in order to make the money to buy the things their homestead couldn't produce.  And the tax on Kadi, he thought, anger clouding his mind every time he thought of it.  Even out here where the government was no protection, the tax collector had come around— and the date on Kadi's tags told him how much Rimon owed, almost wiping out the little cash they had left.

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