Appears in: House of Zeor and Sime Surgeon

Name:  Ray Kolin Farris

Sime channel - Male

Klyd Farris's father.

Although sick and frail, Grandfather is still the Sectuib whom Klyd consults on Householding business.

(Source: Index card file, House of Zeor)  Only referred to as Grandfather, never by name.  Too old to be trusted with the donors, sensitivity too low to be able to satisfy anyone in dispensaryEntran problems, withered figure, poor eyesight, nearly blind, somewhat senile, although still has a good sense of human nature -- suggests Hrel conduct Feleho's funeral.  One hundred five (105) years old ( -15 Unity).  Dies while trying to help Yenava through complications during the birth of her son.  Received some injury during raid on Zeor from which he had never healed properly.

See: Unity Calendar

(Source:  Index card file, Sime Surgeon --  While in his teen years, shot in leg defending House during a riot -- all but given up for dead.  Bullet lodged against the bone, having nicked an artery, ended up just clear of a major selyn transport nerve (quiver could have knocked it into contact.)

Charnye (Ray Kolin's Donor since changeover) forced him to accept lateral contact -- bullet covered in scar tissue, bleeding stopped using a new technique.  Injury left him lame -- after spreading technique and producing an heir, said to have been Killed in another raid.  Digen thinks Ray Kolin allowed himself to be Killed. 

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