Appears in: Mahogany Trinrose

Gen - Donor - Male

Halimer Grant is one of the main characters in Mahogany Trinrose

Halimer Grant is a reincarnation of Solamar Grant who figures significantly in the founding of the House of Zeor in The Farris Channel

Halimer Grant was known to travel with The Company.  His Talent and expertise is to serve transfer to the Endowed channels, such as Ercy Farris.  This is a difficult and obscure specialty.

Halimer Grant fathers a child with Ercy Farris, Ravel Landace (a female channel), who is the mother of Mairis Farris, who becomes Sectuib in Zeor after Digen Farris, thus Halimer Grant's genes become part of the Zeor Farris heritage just as Solamar Grant's had been. 

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