During House of Zeor ( -15 Unity) the Householding, Zeor is near a river that forms the border with the nearest Gen Territory

The House of Zeor was founded out of Fort Rimon which was at that time located in the high Rocky Mountains.  Subsequently, due to various raids and attacks, to weather, failed crops, and local hostility, the House of Zeor picked up and moved. 

By the Interstellar Era, Householdings no longer exist within walls and farm adjacent lands to eek out survival.  The House of Zeor is a world-girdling corporation specializing in materials science and artistic applications as well as cutting edge medical research and development.  Zeor pioneers development of the DeBroglie Beacons and the batteries that run them and follows Keon into colonizing other worlds, so like most Householdings after Unity, Zeor becomes less a physical location and more a philosophy of life. 

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