A person, either sime or Gen who pledges to a Householding and values that Householdings virtues.

At first, (-460 Unity) Householdings are formed around a channel who owns all the Gens and property according to the in-Territory law. 

See Householding Origins

For everyone, renSime and Gen as well as the channeling staff, to trust such a channel with so much power, that channel must be the "best" (i.e. most sensitive, and most accomplished at the craft of channeling) channel as well as the one who best exemplifies the particular virtue those people think is key to a good life.

People who are willing to give their lives over to this type of living are held in contempt as perverts -- until Zelerod's mathematics and the clear examples of historic events recounted in the novel Zelerod's Doom proves the Householders correct -- but Householders are still regarded with distrust and contempt well into the space age.

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