(From: Unto Zeor, Forever --- Third Draft)  Householding Companions --- in the days of the real Companions, it was a coveted skill for a Companion to be able to draw channels to him.  "The network of dependencies between the channels and Companions was the heart of the Householding.  They now had to give this up --- loyalties not to each other but to the Tecton.

A law in Zeor that no Companion be "imposing enough to draw channels into unwanted depths."  An ugly gutter word for this exists.      

Some therapists got careless, got caught in dependencies:  "driven perhaps by a subconscios desire to dominate a channel."  Digen thought, "And who is to say that isn't the natural role of the Gen."  Distect subversion?

Sectuib now (132 Unity) has only ceremonial power and a wise Sectuib refrains from using this power at all.

In interpreting Digen's musings, remember how any Sime's attitude is molded by the Need Cycle.

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