Terms within Sime~Gen

Within the Sime~Gen novels, stories, fanzines and roleplaying shared fiction games, the reader will see many terms that are specific to Sime~Gen. Many have a specific meaning, such as the term Kill, which in Simelan only means death via Selyn movement. Other terms may have meanings that may vary throughout the years as the people in the Sime~Gen Universe make discoveries and learn more about what they think they know about how their physiology functions. When a character thinks or explains something, it is revealing that character's assumptions about the way the world works for that character in that time and place. 

From Jacqueline Lichtenberg: ' (The characters) struggle to explain what they feel is true to those who do not have any way of knowing what the character is talking about.  When reading an utterance of a character excerpted from a novel for a quotation in this wiki, take into account what year they are speaking in, to whom they are speaking, and their level of education in their subject.  How a character explains something to another character is framed to characterize both and move the plot forward, not to instruct the reader in what is actually going on.'

Also, be aware that many of the novels' plots turn on a character misundertanding their reality, then implementing a decision which has historical consequences still echoing in the interstellar age.

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