Appears in: Unto Zeor, Forever

Gen - Donor - Female

Distect --- would be 4+ in Tecton

"Raised to despise and condemn the Tecton and the householders, Ilyana finds herself dependent on Digen Farris for her life and sanity."

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever ---- Ilyana Farris Dumas)  Sosectu in Rior  Soprano voice, petite with a full figure, silky dark auburn hair (long, caught up high and falling over her shoulders.)  Slender.  "Sometimes tempermental."  Is a "drifter."  Doesn't look Farris.  Silky gold selyn field.  Helped heal Thornton's niece.  Gives transfer to Jesse Elkar.  She's used to dominating simes --- could have taken control from Jesse.  Can "handle" Digen.  Doesn't speak English. Can "see" selyn fields.

Leaves Rior to try Tecton because she Needs a channel; had been attracted to Roshi and nearly broke up his "marriage" by taking him away from Fen. Dula, Roshi's wife, fought her. Also wanted to see the outside world.  Found the strength to stay in the evil world of the Tecton until she could convince Digen to come home with her.  Lived with Digen in own home --- wanting him to pledge Rior.  Disagreed with her brother.  Helped tirelessly tending the sick.  Realized that Joel Hogan-types are fine people --- nothing wrong with them --- except that they can't tolerate selyn flow.  Tries to take House back from Roshi, suggest they train more Gens, cease Killing, and use Digen.  When they reject her, she burns down her House, destroying it, leaving Digen to take back the Distect ideals and change the Tecton.

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