Appears in:  House of Zeor

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever)  Had a tradition of the First Order channels training their Companions themselves.  Imrahan is trained by his father. Keep old Householding names:  Asquith ambrov Imil, Sectuib, she doesn't use a family name as other Sectuib do --- butt Corlene Kataw.

(Source:  Housholding Registry on the domain   Colors: Green

Business or Specialty: Fashion/clothing design
Fashions by Imil

Fashions by House of Imil, by J. Trauveytter, Zeor Forum 2, P29

Head of householding: Sectuib ambrov Imil

(Source:  Index card file.  House of Zeor)  Householders of Imil wear green livery. (Sectuib at this time is Nashmar ambrov Imil.)  Court buildings very much like Zeor in appearance. Geography laid out much like Zeor, except oriented west to east and in mirror image.  Two-bedroom guest suite overlooking the main gate.  A leading fashion designer and tailoring House, put out a liine of elite ready-to-wear for all occasions.  Much of the cloth used came from Zeor.  Many costumes detailed to use Zeor's Arensti winners.

Imil built on the side of a hill --- the ground floor at the front was the 4th floor at the back.

Imil's catalog for the spring collection designed, executed and printed by their Gens.

In the last year --- a record year --- Imil has gained 10 simes.

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