A function of the secondary transport system.  Only affects channels.

At end of House of Zeor unknown to Hugh Valleroy, Hugh's lack of training as an actual Companion caused him to fail to protect Klyd from imprintation on Aisha, which failure eventually causes both their deaths.  That story is unwritten. 

(Source:  Index card file.  "Imprintation" --- Attributed to Jean Lorrah)  February 22, 1977 --- A function of the secondary transfer system, so it only affects channels.  Has only been identified and recorded in First Order channels --- has something to do with opening the "First" levels.

March 3, 1977 --- What is referred to above is a technical term for a solemn life and death matter.  In Householdings, it would be quite a diffferent phenomenon --- Gens might try it on a channel of opposite sex (trying out their control), not really expecting much ("love philtre") or only mild effects --- channels then weren't fine-tuned enough for such trouble.

See Unpublished Background for more behind the scenes topics. Since Imprintation is associated with First Order channel levels, and is rare even for them, one suspects it may be connected with the Endowment.

(Source:  Index card file.  The Channel's Exemption --- is imprinted on Livya.  Referred to as "full scale" and "permanent" --- a sexual fixation.  Called "the channel's affliction."  When Yone "attacks" Livya, she is only semi-conscious.  "There was no feedback, as there must be for a channel to accomplish this purpose."

Yone thinks "it will only take a moment."

Livya says Yone's  "right" (Demand Rights) demands prostitution and Yone says "I would gain nothing from such a person and could not be attracted to one."