Also see: Fundamental Internal Shunt. The re-balancing of selyn by shunting selyn from one selyn system to the other to correct an imbalance between the channel's two nervous systems which might be caused by overwork or injury.

Since only channels have a dual nervous system, such an ailment and this remedy for it can occur only to channels.  Imbalanced systems can result in mild fatigue, being emotionally out of sorts, or irritable, or escalate to the level where judgment is impaired during other channel's functionals.  In a Farris, an imbalance can be suddenly fatal, but usually is just annoying. Tigues barely notice. 

(Source:  Index card file.  "Shunt" --- From "Donation" by Jean Lorrah --- Appeared in the fanzine AMBROV ZEOR #3)  SHUNT --- the slow transfer of selyn from a channel's secondary system to their primary system where the channel can use it for their own selyn needs.  A Gen/Companion appears necessary for this to take place, they control the delicate deproda balance.

(Source:  Index card file.  "Fundamental Internal Shunt"  ---  House of Zeor)  The process of transfering selyn from the channel's secondary system to his primary system.  In order to do this the deproda must be balanced exactly.

Only a bit more demanding than a simple entran outfunction, although not normally asked of someone not a Qualified Companion.

Absolute emotional steadiness necessary --- any fear can trigger sime reflexes.

Companion's right hand on channel's right arm, channel holding Gen's left hand in his own left.  Companion initiates the fifth transfer point.  Companion (Hugh) can't feel anything.  Takes longer than just a moment.

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