Appears in: Zelerod's Doom,  Mentioned in: Unto Zeor, Forever

Child - Male

Later known as Jesse ambrov Rior

He is the son of Kitty and Hugh ambrov Rior and is six years old at the time of ZELEROD'S DOOM.  Later he takes his mother's surname, Dumas, and the values championed by Rior, and becomes a figure of some historical importance by tangling again with the Zeor Farrises.

Digen's Great-Grandfather
From; Unto Zeor, Forever, Ch 17. Spoken by Ilyana, ' “When your great-grandmother, Sectuib Muryin Farris, disappeared at the Battle of Leander Field,”she didn't die. She was captured and brought here. Eventually, she married Jesse Dumas,”a descendant of Hugh Valleroy. Digen, she's my great-grandmother, too,”and Roshi's. So, by Tecton custom, our family name should be Farris.” '

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